Download Momentum’s Visual System Guidelines

Momentum is my thesis project completed during my studies at Academy of Art University. I have spent the last 11 years working and serving alongside faith-based nonprofits who are doing incredible social good. Yet the majority of them fall short when it comes to utilizing design. Momentum provides solutions to this problem by empowering faith-based nonprofits. It approaches design implementation through branding, social media, web design, fundraising, and advocacy. Through a unique visual system, Momentum communicates where nonprofits are lacking and how best to utilize design to further their cause and have a stronger impact. Through an engaging deck of cards, three PSA videos (displayed below), and a robust website, faith-based nonprofits now have within their reach easy to understand, accessible design solutions. We all know that these nonprofits have small budgets and small staffs. Momentum offers a foundational understanding of the potential of design, while connecting faith-based nonprofits with design professionals who can help them effectively implement design. View Thesis Process Book Below

The simple deck of cards was challenges faith-based nonprofits to ask themselves questions in an effort to assess how well they are using design. The simple answers to the questions are meant to intrigue users to find out more from the Momentum website.

PSA videos that focus on certain aspects of branding are used to inform and engage faith-based nonprofits. These are best utilized at conferences and networking events to promote Momentum and communicate the importance of having a strong brand.

Brand Recognition

Brand Message

Brand Cohesiveness




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